Doctor Doom

Am I your patient,
I’m not here for your merriment?
I feel a bit like your lab-rat,
You’ve prescribed me statins!
You didn’t tell me I’m your experiment
Will your statins, make me diabetic?
I am not being in the least bit, apologetic.

With your medical knowledge
Did you not know my heart needs its (coQ10)?
Surely with your years in college
You knew statins, would lessen
My natural ability, to produce that protection
But your statins block that essential connection
I’m not impressed with your selection.

You led me to believe
My level of cholesterol needs blitzing
But isn’t cholesterol essential
And certainly doesn’t need your statin, fixing
Doctor, I’ve never trusted you!
Your sanctimonious statements
At best, they might be overstatements.

Doctor, I used to enjoy my dreams
Each night, my sleep would be an adventure
Your statins have robbed me now of,
Of those pleasures, I no longer sleep well
In fact, I now know – this, your lab-rat
Will soon sign off as your intangible asset
It’s a pity, I don’t have an alternative, and yet
Perhaps I should have just gone to my local VET.


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