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My Liver and Me

I give my liver hell But it forgives me once again My life is drinking (Chris)

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“We were trying to come up with a new beer,” Brett Joyce of the Rogues Ales craft brewery told reporters in Newport Oregon, “using a different type of yeast. We tried to harvest new yeast strains from the hops in … Continue reading

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1972  to 1990 Note: All names  have been changed to save rows and recriminations. I had been married to Angela for eighteen years and thought we had a good life together, but out of the blue one Saturday, a mutual … Continue reading

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Racked by Indecision

Along with the rest of our gang, Dave Rosewarne and I had idled away most of our Saturday afternoon in Hilldene* Café opposite the pet shop. I had smoked a joint or two out the back but Dave, the most … Continue reading

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A Fatal Problem for Induction

The sun will rise in the east tomorrow. (Chris)  

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