“We were trying to come up with a new beer,” Brett Joyce of the Rogues Ales craft brewery told reporters in Newport Oregon, “using a different type of yeast. We tried to harvest new yeast strains from the hops in our hop yard, but nothing developed, then someone suggested we should try using strands from the beard of our brewmaster, John Maier. He’s not shaved since 1978, and we thought hey, why not look for a different place that might have some magic yeast in it?”

Maier then explained that, “we had our lab guy take a couple of swabs, by putting a q-tip in my beard, and clipping nine follicles that were placed in a petri dish and sent it off for testing. The lab found some unique yeast cells, did some fermentation tests, and ‘beard beer’ was born. Some people are squeamish, but I don’t know why. Yeast is everywhere, and you’re not really drinking a beard, you’re drinking a great beer with a clean and spicy taste, whose yeast happens to come from a beard. ‘New Crustacean’ will be released early in 2013, with a picture of my beard on the label”

Private Eye 28th Nov 12


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