Existentialism and Hiroshima (6th August 1945)

You’re you and nothing but you
You do what you do and you do it
You’re a person who does knows what to do
And you’re the man who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima
You dropped that bomb no- one else just you
Not the men who invented it, or
Who trained you, gave orders, commands, instructions.
Not the men who built Enola Gay, drew maps
Praised you, told you, “You’re a hero.” Gave you a medal.
You did it. You killed a hundred thousand people
Maimed a hundred thousand and destroyed Hiroshima.

You’re evil. And your answer-
“I obeyed orders!”



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1 Response to Existentialism and Hiroshima (6th August 1945)

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Chilling insight

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