British Politicians

Posturing and posing for TV
Youthful, telegenic, emptied of fire
Emptied of purpose, emptied of leadership
Millionaire, silver spooned, entitled
Products of the clone factory-
A network factory- A friends-for-life factory
Engineered by inherited wealth
Shaping our world to suit themselves
(and people just like them)
Bleating, posturing, posing.
Maybe your day is gone
But you don’t know it yet.


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2 Responses to British Politicians

  1. J.G. says:

    Disagree. After the polysyllabic, rhetorical style of the preceding lines, the short, plain words are effective, I think. My quibble is with the identification of Oxford University. Alluding to something can be powerful; naming it can sound like a rant. This is supposed to be poetry, not biography – right?

  2. delsmith444 says:

    I really like this but the last two lines are weak, I look forward to a revision

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