Just Nature

Dappled water- small river-
Between banked- bulrushes tall-
Calls the blush red- of May sun to arise-
Misted over fields-

Nature- in her timeless whisper-
Gentle- to winds unplanned-
Ripple, sway all grasses- in dance-
Meadow- winged songstral’s-

Sweet trill- their eternal song-
Over warming- time-
That nature brings-
Through early year growth-

All young life anew-
To nature- to renew-
Piscine Minnows- in gold light shadowed-
Swim gladiator- in drifting style.

Whilst above- Heron’s callous stiletto beak-
Gimlet eyed- seeks-
Movement- in the deep, deep weed-
To swallow- innocent trout.

Swaying splendoured- the rushes-
Velvet- blooms nodding-
Lengthened days- of summer promised-
A dormouse- dextrous-

Neat- cosy- warm-
A ball of fine grass- fashioned-
In ways- only to those that know-
Holds this seasons young-

Evening soft- Sundown shadows-
Balmy- of breeze-
Barn Owl- sees-
A morsal scamper in the reeds- mouse- so small


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3 Responses to Just Nature

  1. odeboyz says:

    Thanks Rosina, I think with your help it could be improved a thousand fold. Mike.

  2. Rosina Purnell says:

    Very Emily Dickinson! I liked this. Rosina

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