In God We Trust

His fingers, strong and elegant like
A concert pianist. Manicured nails
Sculpted beautifully. Suiting hours spent
On the keyboard; playing a tune of death-
‘Danse Macabre’ maybe-
A tune without a score. His baton a mouse
His orchestra, a single flickering monitor directed
By hovering silent drones. High above Pakistan’s
Deserted roads.

Waiting, always waiting, patience is the key
Knowing that today might be the day
When finally tuned skills take
Intuitive, decisive, pitiless action.
Dull gold on his left hand bring
Images of his children to mind, and
Strengthen his duty, his patriotic duty,
To protect America- God Bless America!

The calibrated, infallible signal comes and
His mind and body move as one.
All the necessary checks and balances;
All the necessary authorisations received
Documented and irretrievably stored.
Electronic fingerprints guard procedure.
When the drone kills it will be without
Administrative error.

Sending the signal to obliterate the car
He murmured, “In God We Trust.”
Far away in Afghanistan young men
Shout, “Allahu Akbar!” as they plan
Suicidal death. Messy and unpensioned.
An unchoreographed slaughter
An intimate death.
Those about to die see their killers face.
See them rejoice.


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