Very British Suicides

So many ways to end it all.
What’s not to like about
death from over- indulgence?

Rich, copious food washed down,
with fine wines, served by suave sommeliers
brilliant at encouraging a final drink-
goblets of cognac, finishing it all off.

Magnificent overdoses of carbs washed down
with beer, or coke, served in pint glasses,
always on offer in special combo deals-
it’s a proud British speciality.

So many ways to end it all.
What’s not to like about
a socially choreographed death?

If you’re, in a hurry and
brashly confident in your hatred
of the future.
Why not a train station dive?

Timid, hopeless, full of fear?
The quiet exit could be
aspirin, swilled down with lager,
the acceptable face of excess.

Suicide resisters, teeter on the edge,
knowing that what can’t be cured,
must be endured.



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