The Legs of Humanity

Legs of all kinds-
Short legs, hairy legs, shaved legs,
Fat legs, athletic legs, prosthetic legs-
Legs to suit every arse.

Knees of every kind-
Pounded knees, arthritic knees, cute knees,
Scarred knees, flabby knees, rebuilt knees-
Knees to suit every leg.

Feet of every kind-
Broad feet, thin feet, simian feet,
Bunion feet, verruca feet, bound feet-
Feet to suit every ankle.

Legs, knees, feet of all kinds,
Strutting their genius night and day,
Distortions, disfigurements: Who cares?
They support humanity.

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1 Response to The Legs of Humanity

  1. Not a poem for monopods

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