Arses and Shorts

Shorts for the summertime
Tennis, dancing, lusting-
Poseurs of every kind-
Crutch, knee and buttock shorts-
Polka-dot, flowery and rainbow shorts-
Lycra tight shorts
Advertising on cycle shorts-
(Who’d have believed it?
Advertising on arses!).

Arses of every kind
Grab me, try me, Try Me! arses-
Pert and jaunty arses-
Gym buffed arses-
Swinging in your face arses-
Swing low, drooping arses-
Lived in arses-
(No-one wants to advertise
On those arses).

Arses and shorts of every kind
Everyone looks good
In the summertime.

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2 Responses to Arses and Shorts

  1. chris roberts says:

    I am surprised you haven’t stated the sex of these behinds. It’s only the female variety that floats my boat. In fact I have not seen any advertising on any deriere. I am sure it would destroy the purity of form that I find attractive.
    Also Sheila couldn’t get your link to work. We had to Google Odeboyz to get to your poem.

  2. delsmith444 says:

    Your finest effort to date, engendering new thoughts that slowly drifted over me as I read.
    These are novel ideas, things that have never occurred to me in all my sixty years. They crept up on me, slowly, gently, approaching not head on but more subtly from the flanks, almost sideways, Thrib like.

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