Sounds Heard and Unheard

Leaves rustling in the wind, birds singing
The unheard wings of the swallow
Air flowing in ceaseless movement
Frictionless, silent- a Niagara deluge of silence-
Embedded, waiting to be heard
Natural sounds- Sounds?- Music caressing the ear
Composed of primeval forces; Making life possible
Bedrock of life, unifying mankind
Sharing our world. Listening, writing poetry, making love
Making love with a symphony sweetly tuned
To physical needs, wants, desires
Dangerous deafness to the soundless
Moving air? Heard silence promoting humanity
As a man, woman , child.


Competitive sound pervading every moment
Restless disturbed sleep, wild dreams
A soundtrack of two- tone, hustling sounds
A soundtrack of despair, jangling sounds
Obliterating, swamping understanding
Rats flinch. Humans huddle.
Self- saturated sound. A soundtrack to existence
Pervasive sound, defeating thunder and storms
White cabled injected sound. It defeats talk.
Talk, why talk? Why talk
When email, tweet, text are so much better?
No arguments, no pitying glances
Unheard silence, inhuman deafness
Humanity defeated

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