Within your mind
Some comfy pillowed night
Dip down in wordless whispers
Your dreaming vistas
A panoply of delight.

Wait –
Pure scenes will come
Amazing beauty – colours…
Your thoughts in perfect –
Symmetry with – your inner eye.

In time – fear not –
You can sense – your mind
Dream fearless – leave your pillow world behind –
Half, yet none, in timeless thought –
Seek abandon – nothing fraught –

For your mind is yours –
And your thought’s are yours –
And those pictures – behold –
Interact – the people are there in your dream –
They exist by sleep – behind your closed doors.

If blessed – a dream you will see –
A garden of such beauty –
Where colours dance…
As the very breeze – prance –
In your panoply – of long lost knowing.

Paradise – awaits –
Every night – should your mind –
Explore those pictures – each blessed –
within your mind – in your pillow dreams –
Enjoy, each night – they are yours –

More – is yours – enjoy.

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