Please take care of the trees. (a Guest poet)

No-one gives a fucking shit
I have found this to be true,
People pretend to give a toss
About the likes of – me and you.

Life is bollocks
Life’s rich pageantry!
We are just fucked up fruit
Dangling from a graveyard tree.

High up here
Where the air is free
Demons strobe my thoughts
Show me sights I don’t want to see.

Just up-fucked twats
We wait to drop
Rotted waste – now putrid
Sewer offal – for starving rats

I hope you all fucking die
I would happily wave you all good bye,
And in the end, it would just be me
Sitting merrily in my big tall tree.

Waiting, waiting – for my time to drop
Out of my tree
Ripe rotten crop
Who would miss – my fucked up me!

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