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The Ricardian Curse, Margaret Thatcher and North Sea Oil

Introduction Liz Truss hero worships Margaret Thatcher and emulated her when she too became prime minister in September 2022. Truss wrecked the UK economy in 48 hours of economic insanity. Margaret Thatcher wrecked the UK economy over a much longer … Continue reading


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Naval Intelligence*: the Royal Navy, 1940

At the end of the campaign, the Commander-in-Chief of the Home Fleet complained that “it is most galling that the enemy should know just where our ships…always are, whereas we generally learn where his major forces are when they sink … Continue reading

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Norwegian Winds

Norwegian winds bustle in, heavy with cloud Driving rain, sleet and snow, soaking dark forests. Forests entertain Munch vampires kissing violently. His Trees grow loathsome, sullied by treachery. Norwegian winds briefly warm, seductive, caressing Flirting with skirts, ruffling hair, casting … Continue reading

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