Cooking for Slackers: Almond pancakes

Pancakes are lovely but are a terrible faff to make. Messy; lots of opportunities for mistakes – too thick, too thin, too burned. The obvious solution is for a Slacker to go to Sainsbury and buy them. But their pancakes are a tasteless imitation of the real thing. That’s the conundrum! This recipe solves the dilemma. A tasty fuss free pancake.


6 pack of pancakes1

Flaked almonds2

Maple syrup3

NB each one of these items exceeds the price cap for the meal but then you keep them for another day. Unless you forget and throw them away, which makes the meal quite pricy.


Put a pancake on a plate and microwave for 55 seconds

Pool maple syrup and spread evenly across the pancake

Scatter almond flakes

Roll pancake into a cylinder

Repeat according to taste – 6 is probably too many but go for it if you feel you must.


A Sainsbury’s pancake that’s eatable.


Just a plate and knife and fork to wash up, or leave for next time.


1 Sainsbury’s Sweet Pancakes x6 375g | Sainsbury’s (

2 Sainsbury’s Almond Flakes 200g | Sainsbury’s (

3 Sainsbury’s Canadian Pure Maple Syrup 250g | Sainsbury’s (

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