Cooking for Slackers: Teutonic Sausage sandwich

Slackers love sausage sandwiches but are often disappointed by under//overcooked outcomes. This recipe guarantees satisfaction – at the very least. Suitably modified both vegans and veggies can enjoy this recipe.


Two Cumberland sausages1 (any sausage will do but it should be chunky)

Two thick slices of Hovis bread



Dice onion and sauté in pan with knob of butter (unreconstructed Slackers will use the frying pan)

Fry sausage gently for a few minutes till it’s golden brown

Take sausage out and cut in half. Smear mustard on exposed inner sides

Back in the frying pan face down. Cook for a couple of minutes

Lay sausage halves evenly spaced on a slice of bread. Cover with onion to taste. (don’t butter the bread the onion is more than enough). Other slice on top and halve


A perfect sandwich


You’ll regret the dozens of inferior sausage sandwiches you’ve eaten but get over it and wash up.


1 Sainsbury’s British Pork Cumberland Sausages, Taste the Difference x6 400g | Sainsbury’s (

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