Cooking for Slackers: Mackerel a la bistro

Canned fish has a poor reputation. This will change your mind.


Can of mackerel in olive oil1

Two thick slices of Hovis bread

One tomato



Drain oil into a bowl

Soak one side of the slices of bread (both sides is a bonus)

Fry one side of bread (don’t add oil it spoils the taste)

Slice mackerel into strips

Space mackerel out on unfried side

Dice tomato and pack onto uncovered spaces on bread

Dust with paprika (to taste)

Grill until tomato is nearly mushy (edge of bread may burn)


A wonderful tasty, healthy, cheap, quick meal


Washing up is a good idea


This recipe is for Rick


1 Sainsbury’s Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil 125g (90g*) | Sainsbury’s (

2 Sainsbury’s Hot Paprika 44g | Sainsbury’s (

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