Cooking for Slackers: Mexican style jacket potatoes

Jacket potatoes are stupid simple! However, using an oven is expensive and long winded. This recipe cuts out the oven and produces a better outcome. It’s cheaper and faster than Just Eat.


One potato

Four slices of Cheddar cheese1 (or, do your own slices. Why not?)

Chilli powder2


Prick potato all over put in microwave for 5 minutes

Cut in half and scour, criss-cross, deeply.

Cover the surfaces with cheese slices. Pressing in.

Put it under grill until cheese bubbles and soaks into the potato

Get it out and scatter chilli powder (to taste) across both halves

Put back under grill for a minute or so


A glorious jacket potato full of flavour and texture


Just a plate and knife and fork to wash up


1 Sainsbury’s British Medium Cheddar Cheese Slices 240g | Sainsbury’s (

2 Sainsbury’s Hot Chilli Powder 44g | Sainsbury’s (

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