Film Review: Top Gun: Maverick (Tom Cruise) (2022)

This film is absolutely tremendous if and only if, you park your brains in a locker and put your critical faculties into neutral. Luckily that’s exactly what I did and unimpaired by either of those inconveniences I wallowed in a glorious experience.

Everything was done brilliantly. Tom is 60.1 This is part of the need for a parting of the way with your brain and critical faculties. The entire film portrays him as a hyper-fit 25 year old man. But the star of the film isn’t Tom. It’s the incredible shots of fighter planes doing what they were designed for…And then more…And then a bit more.

Then we have the old-fashioned American exceptionalism. John Wayne in the sky captures it. There are loads of steely looking into the far distance and a very convenient enemy: Iran. Naturally it’s a Mission Impossible type film and equally obviously only one Superman has the wherewithal. There are ludicrous sub-plots but…So what?

Go for it. Just remember this isn’t a film to be analysed. It’s Summer fun.


1 tom cruise – Yahoo Search Results

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