Book Review: David Baldacci ~ A Gambling Man (2021)

I bought this solely because of a Facebook advert, which is the modern version of Waterstone’s seductive: ‘Buy one, get one half price’. It was 99p on Kindle and I wanted an undemanding read. What I got was a revelation.

It’s a 21st century version of Raymond Chandler set in the great days of American Noir. It has everything. Clever, fearless sleuths who’ve got razor wit and crude charm; endless cigarettes smoked and gallons of spirits drunk. The baddies are very bad indeed. There’s high jinks in sleazy night clubs, and murders by the score.

The baddies are bad but the goodies are bad too – in the cold light of day. I was captivated. Needless to relate as it’s American and a Chandler homage the baddies are trounced and the world becomes a better place.

 Try this:

“…the rich didn’t commit crimes, thought Archer. Yet, he also knew that those with lots of money didn’t do it in the open with a gun or knife or a fist like a workingman might employ. They did it in the shadows four layers removed from the actual dirty deed, and nobody came after them because they could afford the best lawyers, knew all the judges, gave to charity, and had good teeth. pp174-5

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