Geoff Boycott and Garry Sobers: a superb anecdote

IAN CHAPPELL, former Australian captain, once told a great story about SIR GARFIELD SOBERS and SIR GEOFFREY BOYCOTT:

They were playing in England and GEOFF BOYCOTT came to GARRY one day and said, “GARRY, you seem to get me out LBW a lot. I don’t understand it.”

GARRY was quite good psychologically as well. He said to BOYCOTT, “Unlike a lot of people, GEOFFREY, I don’t think your technique is that good.”

That would have cut BOYCOTT to the quick because he prided himself on his technique.

“Your front foot is too far across. You can’t get your bat around your pad and my inswinger gets you LBW. That’s what is happening.”

They go out on the field next day. BOYCOTT is batting. SOBERS runs up, bowls the first ball, angles it across, BOYCOTT edges, gets caught at slip.

As he is walking off, SOBERS says to him, “GEOFFREY, you didn’t ask me about the other one.”

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