Seb Coe: A 1930s Appeaser?

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe believes a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics would only serve as “a meaningless gesture”, claiming non-engagement between Government officials rarely bears fruit.

Coe also pointed to the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games held under the Nazi regime, which he claimed demonstrated that sport can be a “very powerful driver of integration and change”* following the success of African-American track and field star Jesse Owen.

* Coe fails to notice what happened after the Olympics: the Holocaust and the second world war

Diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 “a meaningless gesture”, Coe claims (

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2 Responses to Seb Coe: A 1930s Appeaser?

  1. It is not unusual for elite sports people to be right-wing. Buster Mottram the tennis player in the 70s is an example. He joined the National Front and much admired Enoch Powell. Things may be changing perhaps. It is much more common now to mention and thank the extensive teams that support them and makes their success possible. My sport when I was (much) younger was cycle racing and anyone who watches any of the Grand Tours, like the T de F, can’t avoid noticing you can only win with a strong and dedicated team behind you, on the road and in the bus.

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