Book Review: Seth Greenland ~ The Angry Buddhist (2012)

A brilliant satire is exceptionally difficult to bring off and a *Must Read*. This is that novel.

Satire demands a decent knowledge of the subject. Well don’t worry. This is American politics. The star is an incumbent who’s running a primary campaign against an extremely well-funded young female challenger. She hasn’t a track record and can’t be criticised in the way he is. Primary election campaigns are brutal, especially in one party districts. This is no exception.

Meanwhile there’s a terrific sub-plot using the local police chief. A maverick (of course) ex-policeman, and a galaxy of the weird and wonderful. The politico has a crippled criminal brother in prison. He arranges an early release. Finally, there’s a very well informed political blogger.

Try this

The Machiavellian had the cockles of his cynical heart warmed when he turned on the TV and saw coverage of Randall Duke greeting his brother when he was released from prison. It was like some bizarro Hallmark hallucination, the slick pol with the gimpy jailbird. Randall obviously thinks this is going to get him some votes since he hasn’t done anything out of the goodness of his heart his entire life. p44

Note The Machiavellian is the blogger and Randall Duke is the incumbent.

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