Book Reviews: Peter James ~ Find them dead (2020) and Peter James ~ Left you dead (2021)

Peter James is a prolific author indeed he’s a book-a-year man. His creation is Detective Inspector Roy Grace who’s now a Superintendent and is angling to be a Chief Superintendent. Grace has been transformed into a careerist. The first book begins with him on a six month secondment to the Metropolitan Police as an Acting Commander. Why does this matter? James is preparing readers for Grace to be a senior officer rather than a hands-on, go- getting, maverick supercop.

Reading the books consecutively (a first for me) is interesting. They weave storylines, notably, Assistant Chief Constable Cassian Pewe. Pewe is Grace’s bete noire. His first act is blocking Grace’s promotion. This begins Find them dead whilst the last act of Left you dead is Pewe’s arrest for corruption. There will be much more about Pewe in 2022 I’m sure.

James writes standard police procedural brilliantly well. The detailed police work, which adds to the authenticity, can drag. Introducing personal tragedy for Grace was gratuitous but stopped him being a unidimensional workaholic policeman.

These books are essential reading for fans.

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