The very first ‘Boycott’: Ireland 1880

Boycott described his travails in a letter to the editor of the Times of London: On the 22d of September a process-server, escorted by a police force of 17 men, retreated on my house for protection, followed by a howling mob of people, who yelled and hooted at the members of my family. On the ensuing day, September 23, the people collected in crowds upon my farm, and some hundred or so came up to my house and ordered off, under threats of ulterior consequences, all my farm labourers, workmen, and stablemen, commanding them never to work for me again.… The shopkeepers have been warned to stop all supplies to my house.… I can get no workmen to do anything, and my ruin is openly avowed as the object of the Land League unless I throw up everything and leave the country.1

Robert J. Shiller. Narrative Economics (Kindle Locations 4073-4079). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.

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