CD Review: Various Artists ~ We Out Here (2017)

My son despairs of my musical taste which is roughly ‘I know what I like and like what I know’.* Now and then he buys a cd to widen my tastes. Mostly he fails. On this occasion he triumphed.

Like a fool I read a few reviews which told me what I would be listening to. Afro-jazz and post-Coltrane were mentioned. The point was supremely missed. These nine bands are exuberant and joyous in their brilliance. I’d have loved to have gone to a pre-Covid gig but would an elderly gentleman fit in?

Young brilliant musicians cutting loose defies a soulless critique. They’ve emerged from the desolate wastelands of south London suburbia (though Bowie came from the same area, as did the Alabama 3). I’ve got standout tracks but why do you need to know them?** Plunge in and, “Relax.”

*My playlists are dominated by Coltrane, Davis, Gordon, Kirk, Mingus and Monk

** This feels slippery so KOKOROKO’s Abusey Junction and Ezra Collective’s Pure Shade hit the spot for me.

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