Book Review: Nigel Williams ~ The Wimbledon Poisoner (1990)

Williams, The Wimbledon Poisoner, is a black comedy, which is, of course, tasteless in the extreme. The focus is Henry’s desire to kill his wife Elinor. After some thought he decides that the only method he can do is poisoning. As an unassuming and stunningly boring man he imagines that he’ll never be a suspect and that administering poison is straightforward. He’s soon on a sharp learning curve.

Williams drops into wonderful bonkers mode by over-egging the pudding and introducing another poisoner in the shape of a police officer. Needless to relate they find themselves literally in competitive territory, which leads irresistibly to a scene where both claim to be The Wimbledon Poisoner!

A glorious moment.

Try This

Actually, thought Henry, as he checked himself in the mirror, no one, not even the police, would be stupid enough to imagine that Elinor could be the victim of a crime passionnel. The only passion involved in this operation was an overmastering desire to see her nailed down in a brown box.”


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