Film Review: The Gentlemen (Michael McConaugh and Hugh Grant) (2020)

Recently I saw The Irishman, which has been lauded as yet another example of Scorsese’s genius. Where does this leave Guy Ritchie?

It’s easy to mock Ritchie’s so-called ‘geezer’ movies. The infamous role he gave to Vinnie Jones in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels nearly ruined his career. This is a different order of excellence – yes – excellence. Ritchie’s blood and gore is better than Scorsese’s because it’s contextualised with wit and elegance. His script is brilliant as is the directorial deftness.

Ritchie has a light touch with a beautiful narrative arc and he has been rewarded with wonderful performances from his stars. Michael McConaugh sustains a wry brilliance throughout and Hugh Grant binds the film with grace.

It feels as if Ritchie has in mind a sequel, which he cheekily signalled in the film itself. Ritchie’s ensemble of four very strong stars alongside the principals deserve another outing.

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