Football Review: The European Qualifiers Autumn 2019 – England vs Kosovo, Czech Republic and Bulgaria (all away fixtures)

It’s difficult making sense of European qualifying matches so let’s look at England’s opponents.

FIFA’s ranking system has England at 4th; Kosovo 120th; Czech Republic 44th and Bulgaria 62nd. Translating this into English football league positions gives us.1

England at 4th in the Premier League = Leicester

Czech Republic = Stoke City in the Championship

Bulgaria = Milton Keynes Dons in League One

Kosovo = Havant and Waterlooville in National League South (5th top).

Expressing this another way England lost to Stoke City 2-1. Havant and Waterlooville scored three goals in 45 minutes losing 5-3 in the end. And Milton Keynes Dons were triumphantly rolled over 6-0.

None of which gives much confidence for the European Championships. If we qualify that is.

1 As of 15th October 2019. FIFA’s top two are Belgium and France with Brazil at third.


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