The animal in man

In a forest deep lies a gnarly tree
As shadows wish the wind to shame
And dance the dance
That leaf-branch make.

Where moonbeams play in the wildwood shade
Another night, all is still
Except, for those out hunting
The never ending food chain.

Few animals know fear
Until it’s too late
Usually, death comes fast
Numbed muscle ripped from bone.

Nature’s call, where large eat the small
Nocturnal eyes hide in shadow
Eager to fill hungers need
Stalking the unaware.

No guilt, in what is inflicted
No shame, in pain predicted
The innocent don’t exist
Each is self convicted.

So, the world has turned
Since time began
Changes seldom learned
Until that is, the ascent of man.

Duplicitous man, ever deceptive
His planning ever cunningly effective
No depths too deep, to hold his depravity
The bottomless pit, to tempt his gravity.

In time, man might be destroyed
And the world slowly replace its tears
No more deceits to be employed
It may yet take two million years.

Concrete and brick will crumble in time
Metals will dissolve, perhaps not gold
No animal will worship such gold
It can’t be eaten, and anyway its cold.


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