A Polemic on Fish

A friend, left me her fish
As she moved, up north
It’s a big goldfish
But I think it’s bored.

Back and forth it swims
Like “Papillion” in the cell
Instead of five paces
Wall to wall, the tank is small.

Well small for the size of this fish
Holding seven and a half cubic foot of water
It looks both boring and bored
Never changing its demeanour.

It goes a little wild as I feed it
Fish flakes, each day
Thrashing the surface water
With its oversized tail.

Perhaps it thinks, does it?
Does it dream, when alone
Night time must be lonely
Back and forth, back and forth.

Does it wonder about time
Does it see the world outside its tank
As the Universe, of walking beings
There one minute, gone the next.

I tried giving it some company
But that was a mistake
The company was small
Soon, they each became hostile.

Another tank had to be purchased
So, two lots of tank sand
More water filters and lights
Interesting plants and stone artefacts.

This new black fish
Now looks just as bored
No matter what I ask, either
Still they never answer.

They don‘t face any enemies
They are both safe and secure
Is it me, do they like classical music
I have tried leaving the radio on.


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