Woefully Inadequate

Woefully inadequate.
A fool can pretend,to hold wisdom
Bamboozle the masses, aping charm
Sucker the brainless, he’ll do no harm
Relying on clichéd aphorism.

A lazy fool,is even worse
Refusing advice well given
Always judging what’s perverse
When his reason is, macho driven.

A lightweight Prime Minister
Who’s intent might be seen as sinister
Like a child ill-disciplined and unpredictable
Capricious, impulsive, relying on a miracle.

Blustering with optimism
Cringingly, he speaks without care
No concern if he creates a schism
Believes there’s security, in being unaware.

Born into wealth, his whole life built on self
His premiership is frightening
As he changes like lightning
Nobody else matters, only himself.

He thinks misogamist are normal
His bombastic attitude acceptable
Even though it’s awful
He doesn’t realise, he a stupid spectacle.

How long will this nightmare last
Before the public, see through his scam
As he makes sillier and sillier forecasts
And see him for what he is – a madman.

His day will come and go
Saner people will take his evolve
As discontent in him must grow
His madness, eventually – dissolve.


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