Chaotic Farce

“Let me be clear, said the silver haired leader,
This is no democracy, I don’t care what you think
I’m right, well I always am, don’t think me neurotic
My brilliance is clearly underrated as your cheerleader”.

“I’m not so much fixated, but staunchly resolute,
All those others, even some of my own troops
You’d think them loyal to me in any dispute
The rest just a rabble, called the moaning groups”.

“This is clearly a war of right and wrong
I’m right, they’re so clearly wrong
Corbyn, thinks he is better than me,
Blackford, doesn’t show enough humility”.

“I’m the natural leader of this country
they should all pay homage to me
As for the DUP they’re greedy
Take my crumbs, and still act needy”.

“Votes don’t count, as they sneak into the lobby
Such disloyalty shown to me, is worryingly shoddy
Some say I should go, what do they know
I should make them read out loud, my brilliant manifesto”.

“Ireland’s problems weren’t caused by me
William of Orange started those woe’s
Haven’t I kept their borders free
I’ll keep the IRA on their toes”.

“I’ll run the clock down, with no time to effectively oppose
Ignore their bleating options, I’m the only one that knows
My grand plan, taken two years to devise
Won’t be deflected by bumpkins’ dressed up in disguise”.

“Their at my feet, I’m as strong as a Titan
It’s a pity I can’t intimidate John Bercow
But even he though, I’ll soon frighten
I’m so clever, in my hands he’ll be bread dough”.

“I’ll probably go down in history
As slightly quixotic, but never chaotic
Responsible for a shambolic farce
But, as the silver haired Leader, I May be seen as a silly A**e”.

“Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me”.


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