Referendum Chaos

Is there no end to the rubbish?
May’s plan is rejected
Just as expected, but no plan B
Two year fixations led to her humiliation.

It’s her plan or nothing
She has no desire to change
Others might conspire
Intensity heaped and crushing.

Still all compromise refused
Rich blind fools, with reserves aplenty
Predict the future under WTO rules
But predictions should remain in school.

On reflection, it’s better to stay in the EU
The school that we have helped build
With a seat at the table and veto
Over forty odd years, through smiles and tears.

Are changes needed, yes
Are all the reforms, from Brussels welcome
In all member states, no?
But by and large, they matter.

Democracy, the rich shout
The referendum, result is all
No reference made to the lies
Urged to come out and retain the benefits.

Any semi-intelligent person
Could see through that
And all the millions, back to the NHS
Never was to happen.

The secret agenda was always
To privatise that jewel
As was the Post Office,
Railways, and defence.

Vote Tory for your new utopia
Believe in wealth, and austerity
You can’t go wrong
Or, can you?


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