Andy was a type one diabetic
He lived with that condition for years
So many years, he became blasé about it
Insulin injections commonplace.

A big man, by any standards,
And a personality to match
He communicated easily
With all he came across.

At 6 am, on New Year’s Day, he died
Not from the diabetes, a heart attack
Caused his demise, over in no time,
Just the way anyone, would want to go.

No years of chemotherapy
No years of wasting away
No death sentence, time diminishing
Day by day, hour by hour.

Goodbye, Andy, my old mucker
I bet, you were surprised…
Who, would have thought
That day of any, would have seen your departure.

Andy was, forthright, even opinionated
Deep in throat and thought
Gentle though, in family
Soft with dog and cat.

His audaciousness used to,
Make me laugh. Sadly now, no more
A man’s man, speaks no more
As he passed through, that final door.





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