The Two Obadiah’s

When just a boy, I asked Dad
What’s the oldest song you know?
He pulled the music stool out
And while playing he began to sing.

It turns out that when Dad was a boy
He asked his own Grandad
That very same question
His Granddad told him “The two Obadiah’s”.

Dad could only remember the first verse
It was a jaunty little number
About a Grand-father and Grand-son
They both liked to drink.

It wasn’t until last week
When my friend Andy, said
“He could find most songs
On the internet”.

“I bet you won’t be able to find
An old song my Dad sang to me
But I only know that it was called
The Two Obadiah’s”.

The next day, Andy presented
The full version with words and music
Apparently the words and music were
Penned by an H.P.LYSTE.

Written in  1751, this song must be old
It would be a least 10 generations
Before I was born, I am 74 now
Such is the power of the Internet.

Said the young Obadiah, to the old Obadiah
“I am dry, Obadiah, I am dry,”
Said the old Obadiah, to the young Obadiah,
“Well that’s queer, Obadiah, so am I.”



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