All Political careers end in tears

The hard right Brexit dogs circle
Snapping, snarling beasts
To her face, they praise her
Behind her back they plot.

Once loyalty was avowed
Now – The Bastards,
Where did it all go wrong?
Stay at the crease.

Mustn’t let the lefties in
Why take any notice
Philip Alston, knows nothing
What cheek of the U.N.

Writing reports on austerity
We aren’t in denial
The poor only have
Themselves to blame.

Jaywick, is a fine example
It shows Tory policies clearly in
Disarray and dereliction
Dead in the water.

Don’t cry Mrs May
The havoc you helped cause
Won’t be forgotten
Thousands will rejoice, at you going.

Lead the other cold hearted
Monsters into oblivion
You’ll be at home in Hades
You’ll be alongside other mean spirits.

When the dogs,
Rip you limb, from limb
And your last thoughts
Are why?

Don’t cry Mrs May
Think about all those miserable years
You inflicted on the poor
You are just another Conservative.

Who’s career will end in tears.


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