The George Inn (Robertsbridge) – Kent

Andy and Marilyn, our two good friends
Came with us into the Garden of England
Through the prettiest scenic country
With their roads ever lazy bends.

This fine old Regency Inn
With accommodation, fit for a King
A friendly bar, better by far
Than others I’ve been to.

In the comfy leather arm chair
A stranger’s friendly old dog
Peacefully sitting on my lap
Soon even we strangers, began to chat.

Within hours, more and more people spoke
Others with children, some with their dogs
Perhaps this was the centre of the village
It seemed more like home, than just a pub.

Family friendly is quite the norm
Jovial hilarity, well they made me laugh
Surrounded by gentle people, ever so warm
On a scale of ten, it’s well up the graph.

The food as expected was great
The service second to none
Bedrooms en, suite with spacious shower
With comfy large bed, to rest my head.

The old town of Battle, not five miles away
Quaint with knitted stockings  …
Over the roadway metal bollards
Keeping pedestrian safe.

A little further on, Hastings old town beckoned
Sightseeing done, we returned
To that same comfortable ambiance
To catch up in our all to brief, transience.

Could I recommend a stay at the George Inn
You bet, I haven’t enjoyed a better weekend away
Even the weather was kind
As if our weekend was tailor designed.


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