When I first started school

A long time ago
When I started school
All the other kids were big
Or was it that I was small.
There, we had to learn
All the rules “of don’t”
I was ever told, Oh no
Not now “you won’t”.
We had miles, pints and pounds
Only at playtimes we could run around.
The Empire was a map, mostly red in hue
Poverty was rife,
Riches, only for the few.
Good friends were made
Some, more like brothers
Others lost along the way.
Sleep, eat, go to school
Do as you’re told, was the rule.
I’m older now, a bit changed, for sure
I learned to live the life of love
Breezed sometimes, through open doors.
I don’t know what is next
That’s a veil I’ve yet to lift
I’ll no doubt tremulous, peep through
To see the graveyard shift.
I suppose, I’m a bit scared
But since it is my fate
I won’t give destiny, much thought
I won’t even worry, if I’m late.
I’ll probably get detention
For a thousand years, or more
With a bit of luck, I might get told
You’re not welcome back, just yet
So off you go, and don’t look back
You haven’t reached your score.
I won’t mind, it’s not a shame
it’s just the way things are
I might grow old again some day
I might be just a fool,
I hope things might be different then
When I again, start school.


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