Land of Dreams

In the silence of dreams
Many people speak to me
Some I know from my past
Many are strangers it seems.

Most enjoyable, is the scenery
Vibrant colours, crisp real
Tangible in solid form
Easy to interact, almost leisurely.

No surprises, as a dream unfolds
Much like the script in a novel
At times only logic works
More often curiosity holds.

People, places, strange events
Unplanned, can’t be anticipated
Just seen as if a player
An explanation often awaited.

Very seldom scary, but occasionally
Uncomfortable in the thought
That creeps into the dream
When strange becomes frighteningly fraught.

In seconds, everything changes
A different dream starts
No link between what was
This dream, a vista ranges.

I float above the countryside
See small lanes and sparse houses
Thatched roofs glide by silently
Green leaf trees abundant wide.

A sound, a sneeze from somewhere near
Instantly, wakes me
Thoughts in a jumble, hard to discern
I only know I’d like to return.


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