The Pope goes for a drive in Washington

During a visit to America the Pope gets bored being driven around Washington.

“Driver! I’ll take over for the time being.”

Certainly, Your Holiness,” says the driver.

Because the Pope is infallible he starts driving like a maniac all around Washington. He dodges in and out of traffic, going eighty and cutting people off. Obviously he gets pulled over. But the cop stops dead when he sees that the driver is the Pope.

Your Holiness!” and he kneels next to the car.

Bless you my son.” Said the Pope as he makes the sign of the cross and touches the policeman’s forehead.

Can I escort you to your destination, Your Holiness?”

Of course. We’re going to the White House.”

The policeman staggers back to his partner who is sitting there bemused. “Who was that?”

“I don’t know. But the Pope is his driver.”


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