The Isle of Wight

Up by six, out by seven
A two hour drive South
Though the ‘New Forest’
It’s verdant green, still seems pristine
Hedge-row flowers
Created as nature’s, florist.
We meet the others at the ferry
The children, bright eyed
Impatient to get on board
Documents checked by staff,
What a clever way to load
Such an assortment of vehicles.
Hard to keep the kids seated
The twins at nine, their older brother at eleven
All want to visit the upper deck
The fresh sea air bracing chasing
The small sail boats faster
Some single handed, some with crew.
They all pass by until, they’re lost from view
Back down in the large cabin,
The two small shiatsu dogs,
Small in size, with big attitudes
Picking on all the other dogs on board
Thirty minutes later the captain advises –
All return to your vehicles
Leaving Yarmouth, we quickly find
“The Military Road” and so to
The Wight Mouse Inn where we have
A table for ten reserved
The twins, finish with knickerbocker glories.
Eventually we arrive at the big old house
Seven bedrooms, a heated swimming pool in the garden
The kids as well as Mums and Dads
Have a fine old time –
With a pocket full of coins
I throw them in, the deep end.
One at a time. They’re all strong swimmers
“You can keep the coins, you’ve retrieved”
I tell them, the children got all the money
We explored most of the island over the week.
With two old pianos, both out of tune
I teach Daisy to play “bar-bar black sheep”
I notice how bright that girl really is
Next “Chop-Sticks”, that girl is a natural
She could soon become an actual pianist.


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