The long road to chaos

Cameron hadn’t the courage
To confront the Euro haters in his ranks
So he call for a ‘peoples vote’
Bear in mind this was at the height of his
Savage cuts and imposed austerity.

“I’ll see this through, whatever the outcome”
Yea, Rich Tories might grow wings and fly
Within hours, that brave intrepid leader fled
Better, greener pastures were his ambitions
After all he was a global statesman.

The then “Home Secretary” quietly
Kept her head down and managed
To secure enough votes, to become the PM
Just a little while later, she sought her own Mandate
Calling a General Election – That Failed Her.

Undaunted, she buys the DUP votes
At a billion pounds a year, to keep her in office
Strong in miserable rhetoric
Weak in every other respect
She appoints, idiots to high office.

Two years in limbo, with no leadership
The UK languishes in uncertainty
Big National and international employers
Threaten to quit the UK
The Bank of England Governor foresees chaos.

The EU continues to play ‘Hardball’
How unfair, how not British
Don’t these ‘Johnny foreigners
Know who they’re dealing with?
They’ll learn, so the Brexiteers think.

Don’t they know the world has changed
Since the demise of the Empire
The UK is no longer, all powerful
We are stronger as a member of the EU
Let Johnson and his cohorts shrivel into the past.


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