Small little boy

In scuffed shoes, baggy and unkempt
Grey flannel trousers passed on as ‘hand me down’
A shirt and jumper, much the same,
School jacket, too big to fit.

The boy was considered, frail
With weak eyesight and limited learning
He struggled at school, had to strive at lessons
Was intimidated by teachers
Not much liked by other children.

He was bullied, by the education system
Tormented by bigger class pupils
The boy’s life was miserable
Nowhere to find solace
Except in story books.

Soon he became introspective, alienated
Eventually managed to cry
In silence, away from those tormentors
The nasty ones the, spiteful ones
All left him out of their playground games.

An avid reader, his contentment came in stories
Mostly adventure, sometimes fantasy
He was unhappy in his solitude
He wasn’t a man, he was a frightened
Little boy in darned socks, too big for him.

But with time, the years elapsed
He filled out, what was once too big
All to soon became embarrassingly small
He found swimming and diving easy
He made a school friend who could dive.

Together, they visited swimming baths and lidos
All over London. Spending hours perfecting
Techniques and acrobatics off the high spring board
As a result the boy became, broad shouldered
Barrel chested and super fit.

Eventually he found he was popular
Even girls started to notice him
Gradually he flourished with confidence
No longer left in solitude
That small little boy, found that he liked life.


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