Bleak Dystopian Future

As time drifts ever onward
Memory’s seem to fade faster, each day
Short term memory loss, concerning
Like a rubbed out black board
Where only the odd word is still discernable.

The once busy blackboard’s copious notes
Instructions to be followed, diligently
Now unreadable, indistinct and faded
Writing emasculated and vandalised by time
Now mostly yesterday of last month gone.

Wisp’s of thought, once so confident
Dangle as unattainable pearls
Just beyond reach, in the murk of absurdity
Lucidity can return, only occasionally
Fleetingly stressed, outside of normality.

After sixty adult years, of decision making
Leading the way for others to follow
Articulating preferred options and outcomes
Making the decisions, when they mattered
Showing experience with maturity.

Forgetting names, events, people
Not forgotten, just misplaced
Favourite special occasions lost
Memory is such a fickle thing
In a private cell, where none may enter.

My old friend ‘memory’, is leaving
Nothing can take its place
A bleak future awaits, sorrowful
Frustration easily turns to anger
My “Kaddish” is give me patience!


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