Does Teresa May or Amber Rudd’s apology
Mean they’re sorry for their actions, that were first initiated
Under Teresa May’s it began, under Amber Rudd’s authority activated
Or, does sorry really mean – were sorry you lot found out?

“Well, let me be clear” is clear
Obfuscation might clearly be thought necessary
To hide secrete reasons to pander to racist fascists
Bent on showing, promises to reduce immigration, to fewer than 100K.

Migrants who came to this country,
Many generations ago from the Caribbean
Thought migration to England would improve their future
They called this their “Home Country”.

Sorry Windrush people, decades later
You’re not to blame, call it collateral damage
OK, we did ‘mean to get rid of you’
But not now that our plan has been exposed”

Of course it’s not the Conservative Government fault
A weak Prime Minister, decided to hold a referendum
The result was built on lies, we all now know
So, let’s shift the blame onto the EU and Brussels.

Did that blame manifest itself, in the right wing press
Seeding discontent and hostility, toward foreigners
Foreigners, who happen to want a better future
And have the temerity, to bring their own culture with them?

Is this country so blinkered or prejudiced
That people from abroad are vilified by the Government
To the point where our Foreign Office
Shows heartless disregard for the pain deliberately caused.

Next, will they expel all that are different?
“Look he has got ginger hair – she has freckles
That child is clearly black , or of mixed race
Quick, check to see if any are left handed!

Should we let out ‘strong and stable’ Government
Simply trace everyone’s genetic background
Should they take all adults and test them before they breed
Oh, wait a minute, we all might be in that mix.


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