As fragile as a nearly whispered thought
Almost composed, but lost, more assumed
Like a fragrance mixed into a tornado
Singed, unsure of destiny.

Doubt, multiplied existentially
Not yet the catastrophic tragedy
Airy, immature comfortless
Ignorance, of the designed effect.

Such might be the intended purpose
Of planned catastrophe
Stealthily plotted to create confusion
Illusion, of simple truths.

The unsaid, unspoken cannot be confronted
Outright lies, avoided in obfuscation –
When innuendo might do as well
Only destinies tarot reading, to tell.

Monumental, in stupidity
Isolationists, with racist views
Penny wise and pound foolish
The illusion, the Irish border resolved.

Long term misery, manifest
Reason, brushed aside by bigots
Financially, crippling investments
Dogmatic, the referendum was fair.


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