Land of hope and glory

Once upon a time
This title might have been true
However, sublime the music
This current Government
Flies in the face of this paradigm.

Food banks now feed the desperate
Job security; a past closed door
Vast fortunes, built by workers
Now to expect poverty – damnation
Hope and glory – no more.

A once proud nation
Brought to its knees, by greed
Where the rich swagger, in contempt
Focused only on their need
To rule without consent.

Was it ever thus
The gap between, them and us!
Wider – it daily grows
Where will it end?
No one knows.

A class war, breeds discontent
If the poverty is not addressed
If a festering sore is not lanced
The unjust might just find
Their privilege – is no more.

Beggars, rough sleepers – the poor
Might one day. Stand up and say
“No more, to austerity, we’ve had enough
Stringent authority is not just”
No more will be the raconteur.

Injustice will change, or be driven out
Inequality, will hide from shame!
Tables will turn this unfair story
Absolutely, into a –
Land of hope and glory.


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