The Stone set

Eventually, my name on a cold grave stone
Tells that I once walked this way
Please, don’t call me back to say goodbye
I’m silently, happy to be alone.

Regrets, I seldom have, now old
The journey was, as if, as shown;
By friendly ghosts, long led the way
I always knew that, come the day.

I suppose, tears aplenty, but please don’t lament
I’ve loved and lived, the time that was meant
To teach me well, like just child’s play
From a child I grew, both day by day.

The years hold no regrets for me
I’ve danced and sang through reverie
In truth, my heart, still cling to love
But, I now must go, hopefully, to that above.

Here, my grave, it’s now my home
Yes, I lay, quite here, alone
Yet if memories, might give me grace
May I yet remember, love’s, thy face.

Yes, laid me down now, in God’s good earth
Let judgement say just what I might have been worth
Know that I now have flown
Under this heavy, old carved grave, stone cold.


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