View from a Tower Block ‘village’ on the edge of London

mike's flats
This photograph is taken from one of three council owned tower blocks built next to Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch. The photograph looks westward towards the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf

Such a pretty little ‘village’, of just over two hundred flats, in Havering, N.E. London. Residents consider themselves fortunate to live on the best estate in this London Borough.

Our village is democratically run by a committee of residents elected on annually and committed to upholding the vision of providing “A safe, pleasant neighbourhood where people want to be part of a vibrant, caring community”.


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3 Responses to View from a Tower Block ‘village’ on the edge of London

  1. Hi Mike, hope you’re well!

    I’ve been really enjoying reading your blog posts about the estate – do you still live here?

    I grew up on the estate, in Parkview House, and I’m hoping to return to start a photography project. I’ve tried contacting but so far haven’t had a response. Can you help?

    All best

  2. Pete Baxendale says:

    Almost makes me nostalgic for sunny Hornchurch,Mike-sent from Derbyshire Highlands!!

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